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Ario: Banking Services Without The Capital Headache

Written by:
Jordan Wall
Published on:
January 30, 2019

Time is a business’s invaluable asset. When it’s saved, revenue is gained. Reverse engineer any business model and you’ll see their bottom-line’s a mirror image of how it's run. They can only be as successful as the people that run them, even with the best products and services. Literally, you are the company you keep.

Ario’s ROI on time is simple: using innovative technology enhancing efficiency, synergizing our well-rounded team of experienced professionals backed by right partners, and an understanding of needs for financial success.

Get time back with simplified financial technology that will grow your business into the empire you’ve envisioned.

Our Team

Our team understands that big banks are viewed as a monolithic infrastructure, inconducive to innovation. That’s why our team isn’t limited to a financial service background, as it would narrow our focus and miss the critical pain points of our end users. Instead, we assembled industry leaders to find solutions for a specific set of problems to bring new models to market.

Our Technology

For online lenders

Traditional “online” lending typically manually adjudicates loan applications by reviewing their internal data points, conducting an underwriter investigation, and verifying many financial statements, resulting in an inordinate amount of time in labour costs.

“Rather than looking back at cash flows, we use machine learning to have predictive analytics for future cash flow. It allows us to lend more at a cheaper rate for the end user,” says Omar Sahyoun, CBO at Ario.

The more loans our predictive analytics audits, the more we learn about their industry eliminating human error and subjectivity.

Our CEO Avinash Chidambaram, explains that our predictive analytics streamlines the financial process benefiting enterprises and their small business owners.

“Customers want solutions available to them through a digital transaction. They don’t want to get their financial statements and explain their business to a banker who is likely unfamiliar about their industry. We think about the supply chain channel where a small business needs financing, ensuring our automated, learning based solution reviews all their data. Customers don’t need to go through that massive process. We’re able to provide a solution in minutes! We want to empower enterprises by offering products to customers that qualify and can take credit to pay for their goods.”

For enterprises

Enterprises provide services and products to fill a customer’s need. When customers become reliant on them as their retail provider, an enterprise’s best interest is maximizing their ROI by expanding their service offerings, creating financial exclusivity over their entire business operation.

“Enterprises want to act as financial services from a platform,” says Avinash. “When we think about enterprise partnerships, we want them to help small businesses take advantage of a multitude of services. We have a very different approach to the economic model that really makes it feasible for enterprises that weren’t able to provide financial services. What we’ve done is we combined financial and balance sheet partners, with our technology so that with an API and a white label solution, they can now offer credit as a service.”

Convenience is paramount, and it drives our one-stop-shop, economic model.

Why work with us

The more your enterprise grows, the more capital you need. Purpose Financial and Omers provide us with stable capital, ensuring that the customer ultimately benefits from the services but doesn’t have to pay out of pocket.

Let Ario show you how financing and their many other credit-as-a-service options can work for your business and your customers today!

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about Ario's digital lending platform.

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A number of factors contribute to your credit including what you currently owe, how promptly you’ve made previous payments, how much credit you’ve used, and other general information about your business.

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A number of factors contribute to your credit including what you currently owe, how promptly you’ve made previous payments, how much credit you’ve used, and other general information about your business.

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