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Ario: Business Financing Made Simple

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June 22, 2019

When it comes to growing your business, cash is king. But managing cash flow and getting access to capital for your business to spur growth isn’t always easy. 

When your customers are also businesses, your cash flow is directly impacted by your customers’ cash flow reality. 

Net terms can help, but there can be an immense risk in financing your customers by essentially extending credit for your own invoices. Creating your own financing solutions are expensive to develop and maintain.

Ario, a financing as a service technology company, offers a variety of tools so you can offer your customers, risk-free, your own online financing solutions instantly at checkout and at a negligible pay-per-use cost. 

How Does Ario Work? Financing as a Service.

Ario’s latest offering, Working Capital, allows your business customers instant access to the capital they need to help their businesses. Qualified businesses can take get advances as large as $300,000 through your own virtual financing department! 

How it works:

  • Business customers provide basic info about their company and financials into Ario’s online private-labeled platform under your own branding.
  • Ario’s proprietary algorithms provide instant approvals based on analysis of this business data.
  • Unlike banks that require assets, the platform considers cash flow, seasonal behaviours and other factors to generate your customized offer instantly.

The process of lending out capital to your customers is entirely owned by Ario and its network of lending partners; meaning your business is not liable for any part of the financial transaction but benefit from the increased purchasing power of your customers. 

Working Capital provides your business an opportunity to offer convenient and cost-efficient financing solutions to your customers so they have the cash needed to pay you! 

No More Chasing Down Payments 

Ario also helps you save time chasing down unpaid invoices to relieve cash flow pressure by providing short term and long term invoice financing solutions for your invoiced customers.

Ario’s other products include Invoice Financing helping your businesses get unpaid invoices settled instantly so you get paid by Ario’s lender partners when the invoice is sent, not weeks later.   Your customers can also choose to extend the terms of the invoice to smooth out their own cash flow.

Ario and Your Company

Ario is a risk-free option for businesses to offer their customers flexible cash flow financing solutions under their own brand. Businesses are not liable for financing – everything is run through Ario’s technology and network of partners.

Benefits include:

  • Increased customer retention by giving your customers more freedom in how they choose to pay. 
  • Deeper customer wallets due to clients getting access to more buying power. This opens customers to take on bigger projects or larger jobs than before, which leads to a growth in their revenue. The more money they make, the more they have to spend. Ario is proven to bring returns for every $1 borrowed. 
  • Better customer experience through utilizing your company as a one-stop shop for both the goods and capital they need for their business. 

Obtaining financing through Ario is faster than working with traditional financing partners, more efficient due to an algorithm that dives deeper than any human, and more flexible than what most traditional lenders offer. 

“Business owners are using services like Shopify, Quickbooks Online, G-Suite and others to build out  and modernize their businesses with technologies they could not create themselves. This evolution to digital platforms is the fundamental basis of the digital economy! Ario is joining that landscape of essential business tools by enabling any small business owner to become their own financial service provider under the brand they have worked so hard to build.” Brian McBride, Co-Founder.

Contact Ario for a demonstration or visit our site to learn more about other products Ario has to offer.

Ario is backed by industry leaders Purpose Financial and Omers Platform Investments.  Previous examples of Ario partnerships include fully digitizing the financing process behind www.billmarket.com, on its private label platform for Thinking Capital and Equifax.

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A number of factors contribute to your credit including what you currently owe, how promptly you’ve made previous payments, how much credit you’ve used, and other general information about your business.

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A number of factors contribute to your credit including what you currently owe, how promptly you’ve made previous payments, how much credit you’ve used, and other general information about your business.

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