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Become Your Customers' Hero!

Written by:
Paul Korzeniowski
Published on:
May 31, 2019

Empower them to navigate through a complex set of financial options.

The current business climate is more competitive than ever before. Securing working capital is the reason why some businesses succeed or fail hence navigating the current financing landscape is challenging and time-consuming. Businesses need assistance, and you want to help make them successful.

According to Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada statistics, thousands of businesses exit the marketplace every year in Canada. The main reason why SMBs fail is a lack of working capital. Companies simply do not have enough capital to help manage the gap between receivables and payables.

Typically, enterprises have small capital reserves. On occasions, they need quick and easy access to new revenue sources. They must address a short term or recurring problem but still maintain steady cash flow for their daily business operations. Lacking financing expertise, they are not sure where to turn. They need help understanding what working capital is available, and you can assist them by supplying the information and resources.

So, how do you do this? The answer, Ario.

Ario is a modern digital lending platform. Ario is a risk-free option for companies to offer their customers cash flow solutions and working capital. Obtaining a loan or a financing plan through Ario is faster than working with traditional lenders, and more efficient due to an algorithm that dives deeper than any human and is more flexible than what traditional lenders offer.

In today’s world, starting and maintaining a thriving business is quite a task; with product lifecycles shrinking, and customer expectations rising. Therefore, your SMB customers face consistent cash flow struggles and with Ario, you become your customers’ Hero!


The first step is outlining their financing options:

Business Loan

Loans have been the traditional route that corporations have taken to secure financing. On the plus side, current interest rates are now relatively low, ranging from 3% to 6%. However, the main challenge is that lending standards have gotten much stricter recently as more compliance regulations have been crafted. The likelihood of a business receiving an unsecured business loan is almost zero. Also, the process can take time, so if they need money right away, they may need to take another path. Ario allows you to offer your qualifying customers up to $300,000 in unsecured capital; supporting their business in ways traditional lenders never would.


Corporate Credit Card

A corporate credit card gives them instant access to capital. But businesses need to be very careful with this option. The exorbitant interest fees can burn through their cash flow and the total capital they have access to is generally insufficient. If your customers need to purchase $3,000 in materials, this may be an acceptable option. But if they are looking to expand their business with a piece of machinery worth $40,000, it’s unlikely that the vendor will accept the merchant fee’s or that the card will support that much capital. In addition, if other hurdles arise and they fall behind on their payments, their credit score plummets, their financing options shrink, and their future becomes bleak.

Invoice Financing  

Another potential revenue source lies in their payroll department. With invoice financing, a company manages its cash flow gaps. This short-term borrowing solution allows a business to turn unpaid invoices into credit. They gain immediate access to liquid funds that relieve cash flow pressure. While this is great for your customers, it forces you as a business owner to take on all the risk. Your customer wins, but you are on the hook if they don’t pay. With Ario, that risk is eliminated. Ario handles credit checks, financing, collections, and delinquencies. All this happens with no effort from you. Simply sign up with Ario and start offering invoice financing tomorrow.


ABOUT Ario: Credit as a Service Platform

To empower your customers, you need a lending platform that supports today’s financial interactions. Ario is a digital platform that offers customized white label lending services that enhance your brand and help your customers grow their business. Their services support digital lending with a convenient pay as you go model. The solution helps you break out of the pack and become your customers’ most trusted financial advisor.

Ario helps to secure on-the-spot loans for your business customers through an intuitive, easy to use, online application. No hassles for you. Ario manages the technology and processes from beginning to end and allows you to customize the service to your market niche. The platform is robust. It supports seamless transactions and mobile digital lending, eliminates transaction costs, and features machine learning that personalizes your offers, so they fit just right. The solution is backed by top financial services enterprises, like OMERS and Purpose Financial.

Retail banks & service enterprises, credit unions & Tier 3 banks, and private SMB Lenders are all adopting Ario’s Lending as a service solution. Retail merchants realize greater conversion rates, higher transaction dollars, alternative data underwriting, and proven customer retention. Small banks and alternative lenders find that Ario increases efficiency, reduced origination costs, extends loan portfolios, and attracts more retail customers.


So, why wait? Let Ario show you how financing and their many other credit-as-a-service options can work for your business and your customers today!


Read more at https://www.arioplatform.com/#i5SFcHzJQ8wPhMlE.99

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When you start crunching the numbers, it’s obvious how much credit card payment fees are taking from your profit.

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