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Credit As A Service And Increasing Customer Loyalty

Written by:
Bobby Umar
Published on:
February 27, 2019

Running a business has never been more challenging since customers are now empowered by technology and networks. It's easy for them to find the cheapest price or fastest service, and if they have a bad experience, they can tell the world and potentially damage a brand’s reputation.

Smart companies are recognizing that this race to the bottom is not for them. They understand that another path exists, one that focuses on loyalty, trust, and truly serving the customer.

With its credit services, Ario focuses on nurturing client trust and helps commercial businesses move forward, even when the financial demands feel stretched. Ario allows you to retain customers, execute a large project and enhance your project management allowing you to deepen your relationships, be responsive, proactive and in a position to anticipate the customers’ needs.

This is the path to loyalty in the digital age: the combination of data and human-centric communication that focuses on responsively meeting a customers’ needs on their terms. The trust comes from a combination of good service and open knowledge, taking the time to get to know customers and learn what their needs and wants are.

Often this involves answering their queries, but it can also mean asking them questions. Big, open questions, like what their long-term plans are. What obstacles are in the way of those plans, and how those obstacles can be removed or remedied.  With Ario’s services, your commercial business is able to provide long term solutions, without the traditional wait of a bank’s approval.

Traditionally businesses would have a narrow focus. They would specialize in a product, sector, or service area, and not worry about the bigger picture. This strategy may still work in high margin businesses, but most companies are competing in a globalized market where specialization can mean the cheapest and fastest results.

Our marketplace is dominated by companies who “move fast and break things”, and this is only going to increase over time. With this being said, not being prepared in the bank end with cash flow, can hinder the commercial business relationship you’re taking on.

Specialization and narrow approaches to your customer’s problems are no longer as safe and reliable as they once were, especially given the wide range of services that they can rely upon to do business.

Take email for example. Companies used to maintain expensive mail servers, with IT staff to support them, along with the struggle to fight spam and prevent their servers from crashing or becoming infected. Now, most companies just use cloud-based platforms, relying upon Gmail or Outlook to seamlessly and easily manage their electronic communication needs.

Advanced functionality is no longer something that a company needs to develop internally but instead can outsource by finding reliable platforms to add to their capabilities and business offerings.

This is why trust and loyalty are so important. In the near future, almost any company will be able to offer multiple services. As long as they have the data and cash flow to understand their customers, there will be few limits to their needs.

It becomes remarkably easy for a company to expand into new markets or services in the digital world when the focus remains on meeting the needs and fulfilling the desires of customers.

Why should this ability be limited to big corporations? While they may dominate the skill to service multiple customer requirements, there is no reason why small and medium enterprises should not take the risk of expanding their capabilities.

A key enabler for this kind of flexible business would be financial services. Providing your business with access to capital is one means of helping  fulfil the client needs while also expanding your capacity. Sending a customer to another company to find that capital, increases the likelihood that they would spend that money elsewhere.

Using a platform like Ario enables companies to offer capital directly to customers or vendors, making it easy to maintain that loyalty and trust. Customers are in a better position to pursue their dreams and meet their needs, and companies are no longer limited when it comes to serving those customers.

Ario is an example of a platform that makes it possible for companies to extend credit and capital to their clients and vendors on demand and with little risk.

Like other platforms, Ario works best as an extension of loyalty, trust, and reputation. By making it possible for customers to get access to capital, a company using Ario is creating more opportunities to build up that trust and reinforce that loyalty.

Quality and value are not difficult to maintain when there’s a willingness to pay attention, and the capability to move with the marketplace.

Focusing on loyalty and trust is a safe way to ensure a company’s customers not only retain customers but grow and become something more. Partners in prosperity.

To see how you can offer more to your clients with Ario, please click here to schedule a demo.

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A number of factors contribute to your credit including what you currently owe, how promptly you’ve made previous payments, how much credit you’ve used, and other general information about your business.

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A number of factors contribute to your credit including what you currently owe, how promptly you’ve made previous payments, how much credit you’ve used, and other general information about your business.

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