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Culture Of Security Of Ario

Written by:
Brian McBride
Published on:
February 26, 2019


This marks our first security blog post at Ario and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to you! At Ario we are passionate about bringing financial services to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The Ario platform brings cutting edge technology, tools and techniques together to deliver private label SME financial solutions to our partners online 24/7/365. We continuously strive to establish the trust of our customers, engineer a secure platform and build a culture of security. Through this series of blog posts we will discuss security problems we have encountered and how we solved them. At Ario we build security into everything we do and are driven by our core company values. At Ario we are big on culture and building a highly collaborative and productive work environment that brings passionate people together. From day one we have collectively developed and refined our core company values as: Openness, Commitment, Agility, Respect and Ownership -- these are the core tenants that the security program is built on. Security is owned by everyone.

Commitment and Openness

We are committed to building our customers’ trust. Gaining their trust starts with choosing best- in-industry technology and processes to secure our online financial platform. We want this foundation of trust to last by being transparent about security (that’s partly where this blog comes in!).


The Ario Platform is designed to protect the security and privacy of our customers’ data. We treat security problems as engineering problems and our team loves solving problems. Together we employ a defence in depth strategy with multiple layers of protection embedded in the foundations of our organization, platform, technology, processes and culture.

Respect for your Adversary

Our team is comprised of experts that have learned security best practices by developing, operating and defending globally deployed systems for government security intelligence, BlackBerry, Shopify, Interac, Entrust Datacard, Motorola, Nymi, FIDO Alliance and Alcatel Lucent.


Our security program is ultimately driven by our commitment to own the entire problem for our customers:

We focus on security and compliance,

so you can focus on what you do best

We hope you have enjoyed this introductory post! Stay tuned as we get into the technical challenges we’ve faced (and overcome!) in the posts ahead.

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