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Intern Diaries: My Data Science Co-op at Ario

Written by:
Justin Charbonneau | Graduate Student
Published on:
August 29, 2019

If you’re reading this, you’re probably enrolled in a co-op or simply curious about what a data science internship is like at a company like Ario. 

Here’s my experience. 

As a student, I desperately wanted to gain industry experience, which is what led me to my school's co-op program. I was filled with excitement, curiosity and didn’t know what to expect from the opportunities, but I remembered being told that in life when presented with many choices sometimes you will inevitably make the wrong decisions. Other times you will make better ones. 

I hope by reading this, I can help you make a clearer decision on where to spend your own co-op.

I have always wanted to become a data scientist

If you don’t know what a data scientist is and you love solving complex problems, statistics and coding, you probably should look into it! I was browsing the job postings and saw “Data science co-op" pop up. I had to seize the opportunity and apply. If you are like me, you have probably already glanced at data science internships on LinkedIn, Indeed or just Googled it to look at the job descriptions. 

I think this is why Ario stood out. Reading the description, “Design sophisticated algorithms that work on large data sets”, I immediately got excited. I’m telling you, you won’t be playing around with a Kaggle dataset here.

My biggest tip for nailing your interview is: be honest and talk about the things YOU have worked on. It allows the interviewer to understand your thought process, the challenges you may have had in other work, and how you address them when faced with challenges again. But enough life tips, you want to know about the job!

Throughout my internship with Ario, I learned how to use a plethora of libraries in both R and Python. I was surrounded by knowledgeable people and worked on exciting projects. My first project was related to computer vision. I spent a lot of time reading on various algorithms and understanding every line of code in my model. I learned how to use multiple cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Google CloudVision API. I had the freedom to develop the solution but also explored open-source solutions like Tesseract. Most of the problems were open-ended, and I had to figure out a way to solve it.


Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by fighting back”. - Piet Hein


I mean, at least I had something to think about while driving through traffic! I also created my first R package to solve some of the issues with the original gtrendsR package. And for the statisticians out there reading this, I also learned how to use STAN for performing Bayesian Inference. This experience helped me develop my stats knowledge. Yes! I have mastered the answer to “What is a p-value?”!

I’m incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given here and the people I have met. I’m now looking forward to completing my master's in Electronic Business Technologies using the new skills I have learnt at Ario to help me get there.

-- Justin Charbonneau | Graduate Student

Learn about our current opportunities to become an intern with Ario: https://www.arioplatform.com/careers

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