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Elevate Customer Experience With Ario’s Platform

Written by:
Bobby Umar
Published on:
February 27, 2019

As a small to medium enterprise, you’re always looking for better ways to improve the customer experience.  You want to provide the best, with ease and access to a solution. In today’s market, customer experience overtakes price and even the product itself, as a key differentiator between brands.

Technology has made it both easier than ever and substantially more complex to engage with customers, accept that new client and provide a personal experience, all within the touch of a button. Here at Ario, we understand the importance of being able to maximize your business potential, while responding quickly to clients.

As technology has improved, customer expectations have increased, along with access to competitors. Customers expect to connect instantly via multiple touch points at any time and receive expedient, effective and personalized service. Whether they are hunting for a sedan or a pair of socks, every customer is a skilled researcher that can visit multiple competitors in mere minutes.

So how does a company differentiate itself?

From the first point of contact with a brand, your company can map out a clear process to move customers through their journey to purchase and beyond. A detailed, well-written plan with itemized steps that is made thoughtfully and collaboratively with staff will ensure that customers are engaged at every point. The map of the journey can include how the company will engage when the customer arrives, shows interest, disengages, re-engages, purchases, arranges fulfillment and payment, recommends (or complains) and may be considering a re-purchase.

But, how can businesses provide even more? With Ario, we’re able to help you better satisfy your commercial job by offering credit as a service. A smart business is aware that customer journey continues beyond purchase, with after sales service/relationship. This part of the journey and the strategy here will define your customer retention strength. An enterprise banking platform like Ario gives companies the chance to maintain and enhance the customer experience while providing convenient payment options that may be the difference between your company and a competitor.  

More than ever before, convenience is a key differentiator among competitors. If your journey provides a quicker and simpler path for you to provide for the customer, they are more likely to retain your services in the future.

Ario offers a white-label banking platform so you can offer an easy payment plan to your customers under your brand. While they are paying their installments, there is an ongoing relationship, which gives an opportunity to answer questions, offer support and market upcoming offers.

When it comes to investing in the various customer touchpoints, companies often attempt to calculate the value with an emphasis on impact to their bottom line. But it is impossible to quantify the potential loss of customers when a competitor is making their interactions more convenient. It is critic al to invest in the technology and resources to support both digital and traditional channels. Surveys, market testing and the promising practices of competitors should be constantly referenced through the lens of the customer experience. Companies must understand it as a key priority, so they can invest in adapting quickly.

One of the great promises of the digital revolution for marketers is the ability to track every click or page scan to draw insights on customer behaviour. Today, we can track so many data points that it is easy to become mired in the details. Companies set up thorough tracking through tools like Google Analytics or other sophisticated systems, but do not follow through responsively in their decision making. Often the collected data could offer critically significant insights that are missed entirely.  

Selecting meaningful metrics on relevant customer behaviours that are simple to track, interpret and use allows companies to make actionable decisions. It is a good idea to focus on what made the customer buy or leave before analyzing how long a customer lingered on a site or other less direct actions.

The most robust analytics platforms still cannot replace a good customer survey. Not only do surveys give companies direct access to their customers thoughts and opinions, but they also provide another chance to interact and build loyalty with them.

On a customer survey, your company can ask customers specific questions about their complete journey, including their satisfaction with the fulfillment, ease of process and final payment options.

The digital landscape provides a rich opportunity for businesses and customers to find each other and build a lasting loyalty. This world belongs to the company who can anticipate, analyze, and prioritize their customers’ needs above all. A fiercely competitive market is a gift to the business who understands this fully.

For more information on how you can elevate your client engagement through Ario’s platform, please click here to schedule a call.

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A number of factors contribute to your credit including what you currently owe, how promptly you’ve made previous payments, how much credit you’ve used, and other general information about your business.

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