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How To Turn Your Enterprise Into An Online Lending Solution

Written by:
Jordan Wall
Published on:
January 30, 2019

Other than a healthy bottom-line, your customers have another thing in common: understanding the value of convenience. Cliché or not, time is money. Logistics, managing, producing, marketing, and most importantly, financing, are top-of-mind for small business owners. With technology evolving at a per-minute rate, the demand for streamlining these disciplines isn’t demanded – it’s expected.

Ario packages a network of financial channels into a simple platform benefiting enterprises of all sizes, and their customers. With no set-up fee and little integration through API or white-labelling to brand our platform as their own , it frees the precious resource of time. Here’s how your enterprise can quickly become your small business customer’s one-stop-shop.

Register for our white-label or API financial platform

If you can spare less than five minutes, you can begin the process for your white-label financial solution. If you can’t, you need it even more than you think. Our pay-per-use platform is as easy as 1,2,3. An automated process with zero manual touches.

  1. Upload your assets: logo, colour scheme, anything that you feel is important for your company’s branding.
  2. Upload your business’s financial statements: We require that your cash flows are healthy and that there’s no intention of fraud.
  3. Undergo a KYC Check: We perform a Know Your Customers Check to validate your business’s identity and confirming your business met our partnering platform criteria

Fund your small business customers with our digital Lending as a Service

Having an arsenal of instant online lending products gives your small business clients the convenience, financing, and peace of mind they require to operate successfully.

Invoice financing

Fund your customers with instant approval based on their business and individual data. Transparent terms and funds received within 24 hours and a one-click renewal for repeat business. It’s the same concept used by department stores and car dealers, but we’re making it available to businesses in the name of their company, not the owner. It’s a new approach to what traditional lending has done for years.

Payroll financing

Offer a daily payment plan through our platform. We front the money, deposited directly into the employee’s bank account. You also give them their instantly approved, branded credit card where they can deposit money onto it.

Working capital & term loans

Add an unsecured line of credit on your company’s branded credit cards, giving small business the ability to be pre-approved for something generally difficult for them to receive.

Earn generating revenue & increase conversion

Earn income on every issued financing term to your small business customer. Receive a referral fee as a % of the loan value (depending on the size of the return), less a processing fee by Ario, compared to enterprises who typically out of pocket a transaction fee of 1.5 percent when customers use their branded Visa or MasterCard. Customers receive the loan instantly, while you bear none of the interest cost, that’s on them.

There is approximately a 25% increase in conversion when financing is offered and a 60-70% increase in their spend. Keeping customers in-house builds a strong foundation for customer loyalists and brand ambassadors.

Offer Lending as a Service today

Let us show you the power of the Ario platform and its many other benefits for you and your small business customer, by registering for a free demo, here.

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A number of factors contribute to your credit including what you currently owe, how promptly you’ve made previous payments, how much credit you’ve used, and other general information about your business.

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A number of factors contribute to your credit including what you currently owe, how promptly you’ve made previous payments, how much credit you’ve used, and other general information about your business.

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