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Stop Chasing Your Clients For Unpaid Invoices, Learn How Invoice Financing Can Help You Get Paid Now.

Written by:
Kyla Clarke
Published on:
March 26, 2019

Invoice financing is a reliant and dependable revenue stream that allows you to grow your business and manage cashflow gaps. This also allows you to provide a seamless customer experience. Learn how Ario can empower your business.

Whether you are in the construction, manufacturing, or wholesale industry, you can exponentially grow your company and bridge the gap between invoicing their customers and getting paid.

What is invoice financing?

Invoice financing is short-term borrowing solution, that allows your business to turn unpaid invoices into credit. Businesses who finance their invoices have immediate liquid funds, preventing being stuck between a rock and an economic hard place.  This relieves cashflow pressures.

Ario will immediately advance your business cash using unpaid invoices as collateral.  

How does invoice financing work?

Ario’s invoice financing option is seamless and free. The following steps will have you reinvesting your money right back into your business:

  1. Your customer signs into the platform from your branded link provided on the invoice
  2. Your customer simply fills in business information and has it verified by Equifax
  3. Your client is approved for a pre-determined amount for payment
  4. Your client than can select “pay” on the spot
  5. Your client then sets up their automatic repayment plan, up to 120 days
  6. You receive funds within 24 hours

You can sit back and relax, while your client enjoys up to 120 days for repayment.

What are the benefits of invoice financing?

Invoice financing streamlines the entire experience: from your business having a steady cashflow to your customers having an easy-to-use repayment solution. Gone are the days of chasing down overdue invoices and being stuck in a financial rut. With Ario, your business isn’t at the mercy of your customers’ installments. Here are some of the benefits of how invoice financing with Ario lets you take control of your financial path.

  • Within 24 hours, receive full amount of customer’s invoice value
  • Balance your payroll and lower turnover rate
  • Increase customer spending habits with flexible repayment plans

Is invoice financing right for my enterprise?

Let Ario show you how invoice financing and their many other lending as a service options can work for your business today! Register for a free demo, here:

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