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Why Ario Is The Right Tool To Help Your Agency Grow

Written by:
Jaime Stein
Published on:
June 27, 2019

In agency life, few things match the thrill of the pitch. It’s the culmination of months of hard work and ideation. Standing at the front of a packed boardroom, you can’t help but feel a sense of relief as you finish showcasing your best plan to help your prospective client succeed. Confident that you are going to win the business, you shake hands and exit the room.

For many in the agency world, the pitch is the hardest part of winning business. But based on experience, the biggest challenge happens after you win the business. In fact, closing the business - the nuts and bolts around costs or financing - can lead to some awkward conversations that may even sink the deal.

“We loved the comprehensive plan,”said the client. “We really want to work with you, but given our budget, is it possible to go with a scaled down version?”

Sound familiar?

In your heart, you know that disassembling Plan ‘A’ and proceeding with a piecemeal approach is not the path to success for you or for your client. Plan ‘A’ will boost the fortunes of everyone involved. How do you turn this into a win-win situation?

Enter Ario!

Ario allows your business to provide customers with access to credit solutions through a simple, yet powerful platform.  With their Invoice Financing solution, your clients can spread out the payments for the work while providing your agency with a dependable revenue stream. It helps alleviate the awkward dollars conversation and allows everyone to focus on what matters - delivering results.

50% of Canadian small business do not access external financing according to Statistics Canada. The number one reason is that they are not aware of financing options. 

Ario alleviates this concern by providing a seamless client experience. Your agency simply sends a link to the client where they can fill out a short application and instantly gain access to the credit that they need. 

For 35% of small business customers who are unable to get extra funding from traditional lenders, Ario provides them with a lifeline. This comes at no cost to your agency and your client benefits because they are able to receive an unsecured loan and get the capital and payment flexibility they need. For your agency, this also opens doors for business development teams to approach companies that they may have not considered before.


Reinvest Your Money Back Into Your Business

In 5 easy steps, your customers can be set up for success, so they can move on to getting the work done.

1.    Your client signs into the platform from your branded link provided on the invoice

2.    Your client simply fills in business information and has it verified by Equifax

3.    Your client is approved for a predetermined amount for payment

4.    Your client then can select “pay” on the spot

5.    Your client then sets up their automatic repayment plan

6.    You receive funds within 24 hours

You can sit back and relax, while your client enjoys up to 120 days for repayment.


Taking Off With Ario

One of Ario’s customers, a digital travel agency, regularly invoices clients between $15k-$20k. Since leveraging Ario, they have been winning more business because they don’t have to invoice the entire amount up front.

"When we pitch for new business, it is a resource-intensive process,” said Monica, the agency’s director of business development. “Knowing that we have Ario in our back pocket is a huge advantage." 

Ario offers a private-label financing platform that is entirely digital, so your client maintains a connection with your brand.

Customer Centric Lending

Fast forward a few years and your relationship with this client has blossomed. Your agency has grown exponentially and now you are sending out hundreds of invoices on a monthly basis.

One of your oldest clients is feeling the pinch from a downturn in the local economy. You have a long history together, but they are unable to pay their invoice. 

Fortunately, you started using Ario years ago, so you are able to help out a long-term partner.

On the next invoice, you include a link to Ario, which will allow this client to pay a portion of their bill and invoice the remainder. Your client continues to receive the important services you provide while they ride out the economic downturn.

Moreover, you have taken a situation that was extremely stressful for a business owner and allowed them to save face and pay their bill through a convenient platform.

Benefits of Ario to Agencies

•    Ario provides on-the-spot financial solutions for your clients, online

•    Ario manages the technology process from beginning to end

•    You customize Ario for your business and brand it as your own

•    Ario is proven to bring your returns for every dollar borrowed

•    Ario is backed by Canada’s top lenders

The agency world is a complicated space, but thanks to Ario’s simple, quick, and accessible alternative for financing, you can focus on what matters - your customers.

Let Ario show you how financing and their many other credit-as-a-service options can work for your business and your customers today!

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about Ario's digital lending platform.

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A number of factors contribute to your credit including what you currently owe, how promptly you’ve made previous payments, how much credit you’ve used, and other general information about your business.

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A number of factors contribute to your credit including what you currently owe, how promptly you’ve made previous payments, how much credit you’ve used, and other general information about your business.

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