Get paid faster by giving your customers instant access to capital.

Your brand is important. That’s why we work with you to customize the experience with your logos, colours and words.


Fund your customers instantly so you get paid!

Grow your business with our digital Lending as a Service to provide your customers with instant financing. Tap into their potential and grow your business with :

  • Invoice Financing

  • Payroll Financing

  • Term Loans

  • Working Capital

  • Line of Credit

We manage the service, technology and capital so you focus on what you do best.


How it works

Your customers sign in to your online lending application. It’s available when and where they need it.

After answering a few questions about their business and its owners, they get immediate access to funds.

We send you the payment on their behalf and collect the loan plus a small fee from your customer.

It’s as simple as that!


Why should I sign up?

Ario takes all the hard work out of creating a financing solution for your needs. Your invoices get paid instantly and your customers get the financing they need.

Graph showing improved cashflow achieved with using Ario.

Better cashflow

Reduce the risk of late payments and large accounts receivable by giving your customers the power to pay you immediately.

Image showing an award for improving customer loyalty with Ario.

Proven customer loyalty

Extended terms means repeat business and stronger relationships with your customers. It also drives higher dollar value transactions.

Image showing how fast and easy it is to use your custom branded Ario lending solution.

Custom and on-the-spot

Access to money is quick and easy for your customers. It’s available wherever they are, and always looks like it’s coming from you.


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