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Ario’s digital platform uses loan decision software powered by best-in-class algorithms and can be easily customized to meet your business requirements.

What we offer

Save Time and Money
With Ario™, you’ll get a digital financial platform ready for market immediately and for a much lower cost than if you built it yourself.
Customized to Meet Your Needs
You don’t need a one size fits all solution, you need a system that meets your specific needs. We’ll take those requirements and customize the platform accordingly.
Cover International Markets
The Ario platform™ works with a variety of currencies, which means your retailers can cover international markets easily.
Omni-Channel Processing
In-store, online or by phone - applications can be quickly processed no matter the location.
Better Acceptance Rates
Can’t approve an application? No problem. Keep customers happy and your relationships intact thanks to our available network of lending partners.
Continuous Support
Ario makes getting started simple! We’ll walk new customers through each step of the onboarding process and provide ongoing customer and tech support on your behalf.

Get all the services you need —
and nothing you don’t.

Partner with Ario™, and you’ll get to choose from a variety of solutions designed to meet your specific needs. We’ll also use the third party agencies and tools that you trust most.

  • Project management for easy onboarding as well as training and customer support for your team
  • Seamless integration with your internal systems
  • Product support for our financial platform
  • Fraud prevention that includes ID verification
  • Self-serviced loan origination
  • A best-in-class decision engine
  • Loan application support for customers to help increase conversion rates
  • Automatic contract creation
  • Complete documentation and recording of all transactions

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