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The easiest way to offer business financing, ever.

From instant access to funds to flexible payment terms, Ario platform™ helps you provide customers with the tools they need to thrive so your business can too.

Our Simple Three Step Process

Step 1  Onboarding

Once you partner with Ario™, we’ll send you an onboarding packet to review and get your company’s branding info to help us customize your platform.

Step 2  Market to Your Customers

What’s a platform without customers to use it? We’ll set you up with handy guides and email templates so you can start promoting the service right away. Remember, you’ll want to let your customers know about their new financing options through word of mouth too. 

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Step 3  Customers Apply for Credit

After sign up, your customers are able to immediately apply for credit. Once approved, they can pay you instantly.

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